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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sign prank in Alaska fools the whole town

Earlier this week, fliers began appearing all over the small town of Bethel, Alaska (population 6,000) announcing that a Taco Bell would be built by mid-summer. Everyone in town was pretty excited about the prospect of an actual fast food place coming to their town and they weren't too happy when they found out it was a hoax.

Local radio station KYUK broke the news to the town. “I repeat: Bethel is NOT getting a Taco Bell.”

"An evil hoax," declared the Anchorage Daily News. "It's not known who is behind the hoax or why."

The fliers included a local phone number and an email address and included instructions on applying to work there. According to one of the news stories I read, the phone number has been disconnected and emails to the hoaxer have not been answered. Also missing from every single story about this hoax is a picture of the fliers that were put up. If any of those appear anywhere, I will post them on here.

Good job, Alaska prankster! We can't wait to see what you do next. Below are links to a few of the news stories, where you can get an idea of how sad the entire town is that they won't get to experience Taco Bell bowel movements.

Cruel Taco Bell hoax rocks tiny Alaskan Town

LA Times story

Taco Bell hoax upsets small Alaska town

Taco Bell hoax leaves small Alaska town devastated. Yes, DEVASTATED.

Rumors of Taco Bell for Bethel

Taco Bell will remain 400 miles away (by plane only) in Bethel