Saturday, May 28, 2011

For Halloween, moosebumps goes as a hacked road sign

We've covered a lot of sign hacking here on Sign Hacker, but a guy named moosebumps has taken it to the next level by dressing up as a hacked road sign for Halloween. But he didn't just wear a sandwich board that says "ZOMBIES AHEAD" on it, he actually made an electronic sign with a scrolling LED with a panel that opened so you could "hack" him. Check it out:

From moosebumps' Flickr page: "I whipped this up Friday afternoon after a costume party invite. It normally says "LANE ENDS MERGE RIGHT" and can be hacked to say "CAUTION! ZOMBIES! AHEAD!!!"

When you open the access panel, the blinking green light indicates normal operation. To hack the sign you must figure out which of six bolts is the key and clamp an alligator clip to it. The light will flash blue quickly and then continue flashing red while the hacked message is displayed. The key bolt is randomly picked each time the hack is disengaged."

Amazing job, moosebumps!

Oh, as long as we're talking about hacked road signs, a few weeks ago I made a YouTube video featuring a bunch of hacked road signs, some news footage and a link to Our own Spessa is responsible for the new "you stupid idiot" sign hack which appears about 25 seconds into the video:

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