Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tim Hacks Some Cigarette Ads

Tim from Australia recently emailed me a pretty funny sign hack he pulled off at a Formula 1 race track. He says, "When a Formula 1 race ends, the track is opened to the public basically as soon as the last car leaves the track. In 2003 at the F1 GP Race in Melbourne, Australia, we walked around the track, and figured out that the signs on the back straight are just stickers, and if you’re a bit careful about it, you can peel off the stickers and move them, editing the words.

So after the 2004 race ended, we went over to the back straight again, to edit the silly warning messages that the Australian Government makes cigarette companies put on tobacco products and advertising. This time I took a camera.

Here are a few of the pictures that Tim sent us...

Tim also writes, "We spent probably 30 minutes doing this, and I think twice some unimpressed police officers resembling Officer Barbrady from South Park came past and asked us to stop what we were doing and move along, but once they were gone we just went back to it. Everyone else that saw what we were doing was amused though, including some track officials.

There are quite a few more pictures from Tim's collection and they can all be viewed by visiting You can also look at more of Tim's pictures, read his blog and pay your respects by visiting

Thanks for the great sign hack, Tim!

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