Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fuck Off, Harrods!

Fuck Off Harrods

From a reliable news source in the UK: A disgruntled employee, fired by Harrods from his job as the toy department’s Father Christmas, took revenge last night in spectacular style. Gaining access to a maintenance control room, Lloyd Hudson, 35, from Ilford, Essex, was able to locate the chart and corresponding switches for Harrods’ 10,000 external lights.

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And then consider yourself pranked since it's completely false. But it sure would be funny if it actually happened. Which is your cue to barricade yourself inside your nearest department store's make-believe control room and find this mystical wall full of switches that are inexplicitly wired to individual strings of Christmas lights. Maybe you can make them spell out TURK 182 or something.

Thanks for the article, Rob T Firefly!

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