Saturday, May 28, 2011

How We Keep Ourselves Occupied

Tonight, after a boring evening of getting a meal and checking the mail, Mr. Spessa and I were sitting in the car wondering how to amuse ourselves. One of us decided we should go check a local construction site to see if there were any signs to "modify." It probably took us 15 minutes to get there, and 10 more minutes to drive through this construction zone. All their signs were permanent and we were incredibly disappointed.
Then we found a scrolling church sign by Galaxy. If anyone has any information on these kinds of signs, please let me know. We broke open a power panel only to find circuit breakers. There seemed to be another panel that we couldn't get open, where I assume there was a way to edit the sign.

So, that didn't work either. Our night sucked. We were losers at the game of hacking signs. But Mr. Spessa is a very dedicated man, and decided to go to our states Department of Transportation website on his blackberry. OMG it was awesome. It had little flags all over the state warning drivers about where the construction was! YAY! We drove another 15 minutes to where they told us there was something going on, and nothing. As a last ditch effort, we drove down the freeway to something about 15 more miles away.

I wish you could have heard us when we saw the sign flashing down the highway. It was like our favorite football team won the Super Bowl (we don't like football, btw.) OMG OMG GASP GASP YAY.

There were two signs on opposites sides of the freeway, about 4 miles away from each other. The thing that sucked was that you had to drive 8 miles to an exit, turn around, and come back to get to the next sign. But, like I mentioned, we're totally dedicated. So we did it.

The first sign we changed was easy enough. It's the only picture I have. Then we drove up the freeway, and there was a cop who had pulled someone over. I was almost too paranoid to change the second sign. But Mr. Spessa convinced me he was at least 4 minutes behind us, and it only takes 2 minutes to change the sign. So I changed the second sign to say "WE KNOW YOU'RE DRIVING DRUNK." I couldn't get a picture of it from where we were, so we got back on the freeway, turned around, made sure our first sign was there, and drove back to the second sign.

In those brief moments of driving, the cop had already turned the second sign off, so I don't have a picture of that one for you. When we got back to the first sign, he was pulled over next to it trying to figure out how to turn it off. I wonder how successful he was, because here it is:

Srsly, it wasn't that fucked up.
I think I was feeling bad because I hadn't given you, my loyal 2 and a half readers, anything this week. So I hope you appreciate our determination.

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