Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Great McDonald's Sign Prank

McDonald's SignJanuary 29th, 2008 - We'll start this site off with one of my most popular sign hacks...the McDonald's sign. A few years ago I noticed this outdoor sign at my local McDonalds and decided to replace it with a much catchier slogan. With the help of users on Cal's Forums, I came up with the perfect message to put on the new sign.

There were two different signs placed at this particular McDonalds and our fun ended when they completely removed the big wooden sign from the ground, just to keep us from doing it again. Click below to read about the sign's construction, placement and aftermath, including a prank phone call to the McDonald's.

Since I put this page up in 2003, it's received regular attention from countless websites and blogs and sometimes receives thousands of hits per day. Several times now, its popularity has managed to bring to a complete halt (the last time was yesterday) since I'm too thrifty to buy decent web hosting. So enjoy this one! A lot of other people sure have.

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