Saturday, May 28, 2011

We're Not Made of Money!

September 12th, 2008 - Yesterday my BFF Spessa directed me to an excellent web site about crazy notes people left for each other, many times anonymously. The site at and entertained me for nearly an hour. I'm subscribed to their feed now.

Today Spessa, inspired by all the crazy notes, decided that her new mission in life will be to leave crazy notes everywhere she goes, either signing them anonymously or signing them from somebody else. She began her mission this afternoon by placing this note on a counter at the bank.

It says, "BANK CUSTOMERS! STOP STEALING OUR PENS! WE'RE NOT MADE OF MONEY!" This particular idea has so many great potential outcomes, from customers thinking the bank people are a bunch of crybabies over their pens to a manager demanding to know which employee set this sign on the counter. Hopefully Spessa will continue to put out this sign at her bank on a regular basis.

I personally plan to follow in Spessa's footsteps by placing signs everywhere I visit from now on. We threw around a few crazy ideas today, such as leaving a note in the mens room for men to stop peeing all over the toilet seats and signing it with the name that's on the restroom cleaning check list that's on the back of the door. Or maybe sneaking into employee break rooms and leaving a note from the manager stating that no food or drinks are allowed in there anymore. Surely you can come up with better ideas than us. Leave your ideas in the comments. And if you decide to do any of this yourself, please send us pictures.

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